“Iterpro behind the stage” is back this time with the rugby giant Benetton Rugby Treviso

We met Giacomo Mazzon Lead Physiotherapist and Ignacio Brex Benetton’s and Italy National Team’s player, who gives us direct insights into how the Iterpro platform is supporting them on daily basis.

In this case study, Giacomo Mazzon highlighted the importance of the daily monitoring and information-sharing process through several club areas in order to mitigate the risk of injury and improve the players’ performance.

Tracking the players’ health status and performance on daily basis, allows the staff to create a profile and understand how to adjust training and treatments based on the team and players’ condition.

A piece of important evidence from Ignacio Brex, who shared with us how technology has improved the communication process between staff members and how the players are now able to receive instant feedback from their coaches on their daily work.