Aquabloom International Sports Technology Group partners with Iterpro

We are delighted to have a new project Iterpro on board.

Iterpro, a UK based SportsTech company, is the first business intelligence solution built from the ground up for sports clubs, that aims to connect the organization from the pitch to the board through the most comprehensive and easiest to use system in the football industry. Their mission is to create a sustainable tailor-made digital ecosystem, through which sports organizations can carry out and monitor all their strategic operations.

Iterpro’s a one-stop-shop place that provides a wide range of features built specifically for each sports club department (Technical, Performance, Medical, Talent Development, Scouting, Administration, and Finance) that enables members of staff to manage daily operations and carry out advanced analysis in a very intuitive way.

AquaBloom International Sports Technology Group (ABSG) is the first platform focusing on international sports innovation in China. It is determined to build an international SportsTech center and ecosystem with global influence, serving the development of sports innovation in China and the world.

Welcome Iterpro to the ABSG platform, we will work together to explore the China market.

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