Iterpro visited Vismara training ground to meet Dott. Alberto Calicchio, Head of Medical. We talk about how implementing Iterpro Football Intelligence, AC Milan enhanced communication, information sharing and decision-making process. Check out how AC Milan Medical Department leverages the digital innovation to improve their players’ healthcare and wellbeing!


Good morning Doctor,  can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your role?

My name is Alberto Calicchio, I’m Head of Medical at the AC Milan Academy and have been working here now for 20 years!

What were you looking for when you began the search for a data platform?

We required a digital platform where clinical, medical and training data can be stored. This is vitally important for us, as communication and information sharing are at the core of our medical process.  Your platform allows any professional to see clinical information, both from within the club and remotely, and we can carry out statistics at the same time. It was exactly what we were searching for. 

What impact has Iterpro had on your work?

It has almost eradicated communication problems between staff members, and simultaneously expanded the opportunity to share clinical data remotely with other departments. This, together with the possibility to analyze data and performance statistics, has been a huge step forward for us in terms of injury prevention.  We think that using a digital platform with a world-class clinical and medical section helps solve critical issues and reduce injury occurrence; as such, we wouldn’t be able to work without it anymore.

Based on your extensive experience, what is the best feature of Iterpro ? 

The feature I like the most is that every step, from purely medical to rehab ones, and the return to play process, is easily understandable by an external figure. It’s not only for doctors and sports scientists. In practical terms, the manager, or eventually the Director, can check the players’ status in every moment, even if he doesn’t come to our training ground in Vismara. This is vitally important for us.

Would you say you are digitally driven within your Department?

Yes, digital innovation is at the absolute core of our work. The doctor should be able to review clinical data, always be up to date and deeply understand the medical history of each player. Through Iterpro we have a digital platform that integrates every data source, from the medical department to the physical department, then to the technical department.

What problems did Iterpro solve?

The daily use of a digital platform where both clinical and performance data is included solved a significant amount of problems from both a clinical and statistical standpoint. Further to this,  we can now keep an eye on the whole injury reduction program of an athlete. I love the capability to attach imaging files, like an x-ray or MRI. We can also integrate blood chemistry data.

Would you be able to quantify the amount of problems Iterpro did solve?

I feel that Iterpro solved more than 90% of our problems. It is very time-saving, allowing us to store all clinical data from an entire season in one place and then extrapolate statistically to design an injury reduction program.  The daily use of a digital platform where both clinical and performance data are included solved a significant amount of problems from both a clinical and statistical standpoint. 

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