Learn how Iterpro customers are embedding insights into their daily workflows to drive business-critical decision making.

File:Logo of AC Milan.svg - Wikimedia Commons  AC MILAN

We are very happy to continue our partnership with Iterpro. By incorporating its centralized hub, we will be a pioneer in the football industry. Through leveraging performance, medical and training data, we will turn them into smart insights to achieve a business strategic advantage.

Information Technology Officer

Iterpro has almost eradicated communication problems between the staff members, and simultaneously expanded the opportunity to share clinical data remotely with other departments (…). We wouldn’t be able to work without it anymore

Head of Medical Academy


The use of Iterpro is almost a must for several reasons. The first is to make the athlete aware and to make him responsible: the athlete knows what he is going to do, what he has done and his current status.

The second reason is to prevent information being lost between the various areas. All this favours a smoother and faster training schedule. 

Head of Performance


Since implementing Iterpro at Bologna FC we have improved and quickened the training load monitoring, and data analysis, daily and weekly. The smart reports, that are automatically generated, are practical and effective. Also, using the platform enhances communication between departments.

S&C and Sport Scientist   TORINO FC

Thanks to Iterpro we can now manage all our squads’ data in a single platform, saving time and improving communication across the club. The complexity of the analysis is immediately digested into effective and easy to understand reports that we can feedback directly to the coaching staff. Therefore, Iterpro is a great tool which has improved our daily processes.

Fitness Coach

Leeds United Football Club - Wikipedia  LEEDS UNITED FC

We are delighted to become the first team in the Premier League to create a partnership with Iterpro. We are constantly exploring ways to create a competitive advantage and I’m confident that Iterpro help us to do so, I look forward to collaborating with Marco and his team this season and beyond.  

Director of Football   BENETTON RUGBY TREVISO

Finally, thanks to this tool, we have the opportunity to integrate and manage in a unique platform all our data from all departments of our club. The platform supplies in a simple and intuitive way information useful to optimise the performance of our athletes but mainly to limit the risk of injury, improving this way our staff’s decision-making process. 

S&C and Head of Sport Science


When you’re managing over 20 players, information can slip through the net, you don’t want that to happen but it’s the realistic scenario since people forget things which can lead to potential injuries. Whereas with Iterpro when you have that common link and communication all in one place, it’s a lot harder for players’ information to slip through unnoticed.

Head of Football Operations

Associazione Calcio Monza (2019).svg  AC MONZA 

Since Iterpro has been implemented at Monza we noticed that we became way more time-efficient. Being able to collect and analyse data in order to give prompt feedback to the coaching staff has been extraordinary

Performance Manager


I’m delighted that the club are collaborating with Iterpro on this initiative which I’m sure will enhance our performance in the future 

Chief Football Officer


We are proud to partner with Iterpro to enhance our club’s overall performance. This technology will help us grow and learn more about our players every day. We couldn’t be more excited to join the Iterpro lineup.

Head Coach  AC SPEZIA

We are delighted to have reached this important partnership that will allow us to be more and more competitive also outside the playing field. The obtainment of results goes through strategic planning of the daily work and a cautious analysis of all the data collected, and thanks to Iterpro we will take further steps towards the future. 

Chief Football Operation Officer


When working with a small staff as we do, efficiency is vital and Iterpro can certainly help us manage the workload as well as improve the effectiveness of the work we do. Our Recruitment & Talent ID department will be able to accurately record player assessments which can easily be shared with the relevant staff, as well as being able to record benchmark data. This data can then be used to inform practices in the Academy, improving the development of players in our care and help us to create an improved pathway from the Academy to the First Team.

Academy Manager


Thanks to Iterpro we’re able to bring everything together. This is a great advantage for us, because all staff members are aware of what is happening with the players, the information sharing is done through one unique platform so everyone nows everything at the same time. This includes training tracking, filming and linking everything with the data provided by the GPS devices.  

Fitness Coach

Gas Sales Bluenergy Volley Piacenza  GAS SALES PIACENZA

We are pleased to have forged a new alliance with a pioneering company as Iterpro. We are confident that with Iterpro by our side we will be able to gain valuable information to help our athletes perform at their best 

Chief Executive Officer

Malta Football Association - Wikipedia   MALTA FA

Digital transformation is a must to improve the game nowadays and I’m very pleased that the Malta FA will be relying on this revolutionary technology platform to develop the overall level of football in the country, with a specific focus on player profiling and talent identification. The use of the Iterpro system will enable us to convert data into smart insights, thus simplifying the internal stakeholder engagement and improving the sports performance of the players of our national teams. 

Head Coach


I am a coach who is always striving for the best result from every game, every workout, every working day. For this reason we make use of Iterpro system for it allows us to plan and evaluate all processes. Iterpro is also committed to support us in these processes of grow by effectively communicating and sharing data, for this has become more and more relevant in order for our staff and players to achieve the best results. For this reason I can say we are proud to be the first customers of Iterpro in the Netherlands. 

Head Coach


The usage of Iterpro in the medical department has been great, improving the communication between the various members of the staff and especially between the different teams within the club, from the first team to the youth teams. Having all the data stored into one unique solution allows us to quickly access any information regarding the players, such as, injury history, chronic issues and a summary of their availability. 

Head of Medical

Latvian Football Federation - Wikipedia  LATVIA FA

Modern technologies offer various tools to obtain accurate data about players and their physical parameters. This becomes even more important with national teams that have very tight schedules and little time to carry out qualitative analysis. Therefore it is vital to acquire the necessary information in a fast and compact manner, and Iterpro offers just that.  When assessing current challenges Latvian football faces, we clearly see the importance of this platform in giving our elite players additional and much needed support.


OFI Crete F.C. - Wikipedia OFI CRETE FC

Doing the right things, and doing things right. Iterpro is an excellent digital tool that shows us how to do both effectively. It helps us gather, evaluate and use all the relevant information of the club’s “football life”, in order to operate on high-level standards and take fast and correct decisions.


Data are increasingly driving sport and Rugby in particular – and we are striving, as coaches, to supply our players with the most valuable insights to improve their game. Working on a consistent platform between the National team and our franchises is such a powerful tool and we are already witnessing some very valuable insight from working with Iterpro.

High Performance Director

Zebre Rugby Club - La franchigia federale di URC di base a Parma    ZEBRE RUGBY CLUB

The collection, study and sharing of data is a crucial aspect of professional sports. Iterpro supplies us with a very useful platform to monitor, schedule and manage working sessions in a more efficient and precise way, with important benefits on the workload and injury prevention 

Head of Medical

Pallacanestro Olimpia Milano - Wikipedia   OLIMPIA MILANO

Since we started using Iterpro we immediately noticed an improvement in our workflow. Having each department’s data available at your fingertips and being able to share it in real-time with every member of staff has definitively improved our processes. It’s the system we had been searching for, helping us to achieve our long-term vision where insights from data are a crucial element for planning training, optimizing performance and preventing injuries. 

Performance Director

WCWFC-badge-for-website.png   WORCESTER CITY WOMEN

We’re delighted to be working in partnership with Iterpro to ensure that we support and develop our people – players and staff – to be able to perform to the best of their abilities. Having vital performance, medical and training data available, integrated into the centralised hub, and being able to share them in real-time with staff and players, will change the way we work and make us more efficient.


When Universitatea Craiova began the collaboration with Iterpro, we improved our work as medical staff. We better collaborate with the technical staff, being able to provide them with more players’ insights.


Head of Medical at UCV Craiova 1948 & Romanian National Team Doctor