Football icon Franco Baresi launches his NFT collection Values

The football legend, corporate ambassador at Iterpro, launches his NFT collection with a strong ethical and social imprinting.

Currently, the honorary vice president of the AC Milan football team is considered one of the best defenders of all time and ranked among the top twenty players in history, he presents his collection inspired by the values that have distinguished him as a footballer and as a man.

Franco Baresi will launch his collection entitled Values. A collection of seven works, created by the digital artist Panenous, in which art and sport meet, highlighting, through a creative representation with a contemporary taste, the values underlying his life as a footballer and as a man.

The happening will take place in an innovative way designed specifically to combine the launch of the collection with an immersive experience, allowing the users to navigate the collection and interact with it, before making the purchase of the NFTs.

The project, promoted by Innomaco, Innovation Management Company, a company representing artists, celebrities and sports personalities, is carried out by Apeiron Technologies, a company specialized in outlining revolutionary strategies and solutions by exploiting the potential of blockchain and NFT.

The project is coordinated by Visionarylab, an expert in marketing and communication strategies for digital projects, together with MerzelCommunication, which has been operating in the PR and press office for over 25 years.

The project not only intends to promote fundamental values such as loyalty, love and courage but also to have a concrete social impact on a global level. Therefore, part of the sales will be donated to finance the From Milan to the world initiative by Fondazione Milan, to which Baresi has been personally linked for many years.