Franco Baresi, worldwide football legend, for the period 2019-2020 will be the corporate ambassador at Iterpro, a company that provides business intelligence services for professional football clubs.

Iterpro aims to drive clubs and federations into the future of football, as well as Franco Baresi led to the top of the world the AC Milan of Arrigo Sacchi, the most innovative team in the football history.

“We are proud to be represented by a legend such as Franco Baresi and we are confident that together we will achieve important goals”, said Marco Savino, CEO of Iterpro. “Franco has been one of the smartest players who ever walked on a football pitch, he’s been able to revolutionize the way of playing football. He is the perfect testimonial to represent the digital revolution that is changing the football industry.”

“I have always paid close attention to innovation in football and that’s why I enthusiastically embraced the vision of Iterpro”, said Franco Baresi. “Analyzing information efficiently allows you to be ahead of the game. As a player I believe this appriach is essential for the success of a team.”

Pioneering company in football industry, Iterpro combines sport science and software engineering in a revolutionary intelligence system, that integrates data from every football club’s departments and turns them into actionable insights to make better decisions faster. As footballers are a fundamental asset, Iterpro turns technical decisions regarding their management into business strategies.

Iterpro was established in Italy in 2016 and it is now developing internationally. Among its main clients there are Ac Milan ad FC Internazionale.

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