From the left to the right: Mario Capece, Goalkeepers’ Coach; Francesco Zanasi, Fitness Coach; Davide Mazzotta, Assistant coach; Devis mangia, Head Coach; Guillermo Giacomazzi, Assistant Coach; Luca Pagani, Fitness Coach;


From July 3 to 20, Iterpro flew to Malta for the Return to Activity Camp of the Senior National Team, taking place at the Football Association’s facilities in Ta’ Qali. In addition to providing its digital platform, they assisted the Malta FA’s coaching staff on the pitch, to coordinate the national teams’ activities in the development of a sustainable long-term technical-physical strategy.


The use of the Iterpro system will enable us to convert data into smart insights, thus simplifying the internal stakeholder engagement and improving the sports performance of the players of our national teams.

Devis Mangia, Head Coach of Malta FA National Teams


Francesco Zanasi, Iterpro’s Product Specialist

Francesco Zanasi, Iterpro’s Specialist who is leading the project on site, shares his experience:

“Given the pandemic circumstances, most of the players were returning from a few months’ of interruption to their usual professional activities. The different ranges in the current performance level was a critical issue in resuming athletic preparation and reducing the risk of overload and injuries was the real challenge.”

The London-based company made it possible with a data-driven approach, by profiling players, collecting their data and centralizing them with dataflow automation, thereby allowing staff members of different departments to receive unified feedback in real-time, simplifying and speeding up their decision-making process.


Francesco added “Being part of the coaching staff and working on the pitch with footballers is crucial to get accurate insights to better manage the personal training and recovery process. During the camp, we worked together with the technical and medical staff to plan, monitor and deliver the right amount of training, matching tactical goals. ”


This process was eased thanks to the innovative approach of the Malta FA, that showed itself as a forward-thinking organisation in introducing a revolutionary technology to support its athletes, thus positioning itself at the level of the biggest federations.

“Furthermore, we had the opportunity to assess the players’ attributes and start to create individual profiles that will help the FA to build a database that will support their long-term development project. For sure Iterpro helped us to smooth and increase the efficiency of those processes, also thanks to the new Player App that facilitates communication between players and staff members.”


Forced by the specific circumstances Iterpro proved that a data-driven approach, together with a technical consultancy on the pitch, could be fundamental to improve the management of the information flow that leads the decision-making process. This enhancement promotes better decisions within the work environment, a considerable advantage even outside the pandemic.

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