Ionikos Nikeas FC Joins Forces with Iterpro Football Intelligence Platform

Nikeas, Greece – London, UK – 22nd November 2023

Ionikos Nikeas FC has signed a partnership with Iterpro, the most advanced sports intelligence solution in the industry, solidifying their status as Iterpro’s newest client in Greece. This collaboration marks a significant step in Ionikos Nikeas FC’s quest for excellence on the football field, as they seek to leverage Iterpro’s expertise and cutting-edge technology to fine-tune their tactical prowess and optimize player performance.

Ionikos Nikeas FC’s technical staff will be supported in tracking, crossing and analysing their players’ data collected during day-to-day activities, creating a database to underpin the decision-making process and protect their main asset. Among the main features, the staff will be equipped with Iterpro’s tactical board, drills and video library, planning calendar and session analysis tools to allow the club to track and understand in the best of ways the players’ performance.

This collaboration underscores Ionikos Nikeas FC’s commitment to continuous improvement and their ambition to achieve success. By embracing Iterpro’s advanced technology and expertise, the club is poised to gain a multifaceted edge in performance analysis, player development, and event planning.

Konstantinos Nomikos, Fitness Coach at Ionikos Nikeas FC: “Iterpro software is an invaluable asset in the daily routine, streamlining and optimizing various aspects of our team management. From athlete performance tracking and injury prevention to efficient communication among coaching staff, Iterpro provides a centralized platform for data analysis, planning, and collaboration. Its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features empower us to make informed decisions, enhance training methodologies, and ultimately elevate the overall performance and success of our team.”