London, UK – October 25th, 2020.


International Professional Scout Organization, also known as IPSO has teamed up with Iterpro who have created a state of the art digital football management system that will help all their scouts, analysts and students in their day to day workload and will make life so much easier. A management system that will integrate players data and improve decision making. 

Kamil Potrykus one of the directors of IPSO had this to say ”Working in the analysis department at Legia Warsaw” Kamil said “It’s management systems like these that are the future of football and it’s a great move by IPSO to partner up with Iterpro as this will give our students that extra help when they are looking to get into the game. Knowing and understanding management systems like this will be very advantageous to all our students.”  He also added  It’s great that all our students will get a 45-day trial that is exclusive to ”IPSO students only” once they’ve participated in a workshop or course. This is a big thing for the students as it gives them plenty of time to digest and familiarize themselves with the tools needed when entering the professional environment which is a great advantage when looking for work within the game.”

Marco Savino, CEO & Founder of Iterpro says “Partnering with IPSO, means being validated by the number one educational scouting and analysis provider in the industry. With our Iterpro Scouting module, we feel we can make the life of IPSO’s scouts much easier and help them to improve their decision-making.”

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