Iterpro and Scouting Department forge strategic partnership

29th April 2024

Iterpro and the Scouting Department have signed a partnership agreement aimed at forming the next generation of football scouts and directors. By combining Iterpro’s cutting-edge technology and the know-how of the Scouting Department, this collaboration seeks to equip football scouts and directors with the essential skills and management tools to streamline their day-to-day workload, integrating player and team data to enhance decision-making processes and simplify their tasks.

Through this partnership, Iterpro will empower the Scouting Department’s students, by providing insights into the best sports technologies practices and trends. Leveraging the cutting-edge Iterpro Sports Intelligence platform, the Scouting Department will streamline recruitment operations, enhance analysis capabilities, and optimize related administration and financial management processes. This comprehensive informed-driven approach ensures a clear overview of the full recruitment process in the football industry, including scouting, transfer market simulation, contracts management and finance analysis enhancing the overall decision-making process of the football organization.

About Iterpro

Iterpro Sports Intelligence is an all-in-one sports data management platform that connects organization members, centralizes technologies and data from every department and turns them into actionable insights to support clubs in making better decisions faster, from the pitch to the board. Iterpro helps sports organizations build a bespoke digital framework that streamlines communication and workflow across several clubs’ areas and brings the club’s strategic information right at the fingertips of their decision-makers so they can be always in control.

About Scouting Department

Scouting Department offers a high-profile, all-inclusive service to all those entities that cannot afford to structure a reliable scouting, data analysis, and recruitment department, or those who wish to enhance their existing one.