We are glad to present another chapter of “Iterpro behind the stage”, this time Iterpro team visited Bologna FC’s Performance and Medical staff members, Nicolò Prandelli S&C and Sport Science, Massimiliano Marchesi Head of Physical Performance and Federico Pischetti Physiotherapist.

We talked about how Bologna FC is getting value from the implementation of a platform of intelligence and how this technology helps them during the daily ground operations in order to monitor the players, share information across the organization to smooth their workflow process and create a proper data asset for the club.

Nicolò Prandelli explained how crucial it is for clubs to have a tool that allows you to monitor all the aspects of the team in order to make the right decisions.

Massimiliano Marchesi focused on the importance to store the players’ performance data throughout the years in a unique platform, in order to leave the club with a history of valuable information.

Federico Pischetti talked about how Iterpro’s platform helped him when joining the club, by providing detailed historical information about the players in the squad.