Iterpro is delighted to announce the release of their brand new Director app. 

Not everybody knows that the average club ratio between revenues and wages is 60-80%, which means players represent the main financial asset of a football club, thus any decision about them it’s a major business decision. 

Despite technological innovation allowing us to access a new world of data regarding players activity, most of the management teams still rely on their gut, and they likely carry out strategic football operations such as transfers and players contract negotiations in a very old fashioned way, where intuition and experience is the main skill even though we are talking about decisions that cost clubs millions. 

Indeed, the process is very inefficient and involves lawyers, secretaries, financial controllers, directors, scouts. This often leads the workflow to become hectic, time-consuming and most importantly permits poor decision making. In this fast-paced environment, For football decision-makers, it is crucial to access all the key information, where they want when they want, football is truly a  24/7 industry and action and reactions is required constantly. 

For the first time ever, the brand new Iterpro Director App allows Football Directors to bring the clubs’ strategic information from their pocket and access it in a few touches. The Director app comes as an extension of the financial and scouting modules within the Iterpro web platform and integrates several key features, including automatic Bonus Tracking, Financial Analysis and Transfer Market Management. Below, we break down some of the major additions released with the new update.


In addition to the line-up and the target shortlist, users can consult all the key information such as squad value, contract terms, investment performance and squad fixtures. The user can search and access every player’s profile within the club, from the academy to 1st team. Moreover, users can consult contract details and monitor in real-time the bonus achievement including status to achievement and notification before and once achieved.


The Director App integrates shortlisted targets including technical, financial and negotiation details and allows the Football Director to be in total control and access and share strategic information in real-time.

Iterpro’s technology solves the issue of the decision-makers that during the transfer market window having to manage several profiles at the same time, with constant movements, sensitive data, contacts of both incoming and outgoing players and the agents, creating information mismanagement that leads to time inefficiencies, compromising the success of the transfer and a clear understanding of its impact on the clubs’ financials.

The last days of the transfer window are very hectic because transfers are dependent on so many other variables, clubs’ objectives and secondary plans, change over just a few minutes; now with the Iterpro app Directors can quickly react without losing time and be always ready during the negotiations process.

Marco Savino, CEO & Founder of Iterpro declared “The launch of the Iterpro Director App represents one of the most important steps towards the Clubs’ digitalization process. We wanted to provide a simple solution for a very complex issue that affects the management of all the Clubs out there and the way they control and manage their asset. We want to change the point of view and helping the industry to move from athlete management to asset management. Using this app will be like packing clubs’ key information into directors’ pockets and access it in a few clicks without inefficient and time-consuming old fashioned processes. Directors will finally have a strategic tool to get full control of their players and improve their decision-making” 

About Iterpro

Iterpro is the first company in the sports industry to provide a business intelligence solution that integrates data from every department, turns them into actionable insights and helps clubs to move from athlete management to asset management. Iterpro combines sports science, finance and software engineering to provide the sports industry with the ultimate digital ecosystem to connect and support the decision-making of clubs, federations and leagues. It has headquarters in London (UK) and offices in Lugano (CH).


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