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How does billing work?2023-05-22T06:24:09+00:00

Using Iterpro Sports Intelligence requires a subscription for at least 1 year. Upon completing registration, you’ll be charged the monthly or yearly fee immediately (plus applicable taxes) and will be charged on a recurring basis thereafter.

Are your pricing plans fixed?2023-05-22T06:23:38+00:00

Yes, Iterpro plans are fixed, but individual modules are available so we can combine them to provide you with a bespoke solution based on your specific needs.

How does your customer support work?2023-05-22T06:23:02+00:00

In addition to all initial onboarding, you can contact the Iterpro support team directly through a form within the platform. Moreover, a comprehensive Knowledge Base which includes articles, videos and best practices, will be available for you.

Are you GDPR compliant?2023-05-22T06:22:22+00:00

We are fully compliant with GDPR. Among other rights, you can delete your data or request it simply contacting our support team.

Is my data secure and encrypted?2023-05-22T06:21:57+00:00

Yes, your data are securely encrypted and stored in Microsoft Azure servers. As an additional security measure, we apply industry gold standard security procedures in order for no one can access or see your data.

Does your platform integrate with other third parties software and tools?2023-05-22T06:21:16+00:00

Yes, you can plug in a number of technologies into Iterpro through API or import them by a simple CSV.

Is the Iterpro platform available for any sports?2023-05-22T06:20:37+00:00

Yes, at the moment Iterpro is available for Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, Rugby, Ice Hockey and American Football. However, we keep developing our solution and we can work with any sports team.

Does the Iterpro platform allow multiple teams within the same account?2023-05-22T06:19:21+00:00

Yes, you can manage multiple teams and age groups within the same platform.

Can I share my user account with a colleague?2023-05-22T06:18:50+00:00

No, each user account can be linked to one unique person.

Are players/athletes considered users?2023-05-22T06:18:16+00:00

No, players are not considered users, and there is no number limit.

How do you manage permissions for multi-users accounts?2023-05-22T06:17:48+00:00

All Clubs are different, so you can set selective permissions for each module and team depending on your organization’s requirement.

Does it work offline?2023-05-22T06:16:41+00:00

No, the system is cloud-based and needs an internet connection.

Which device Iterpro is compatible with?2023-05-22T06:15:56+00:00

Iterpro is responsive. You can use it on all devices (Google Chrome advised). On top of that, we have three different mobile apps available on Google Store and Apple Store.

How can I get a demo of the Iterpro platform?2023-05-22T06:15:01+00:00

You just need to send us a contact request and our team will get in touch with you.

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