Iterpro releases a brand new PlayerApp

We’re delighted to announce the new version of our Player app, available for both iOS and Android.

The communication between football players and clubs staff members has never been so important as it is nowadays. The new version of Iterpro Player App helps the clubs’ staff to stay in touch with players, deliver crucial insights and work remotely even when away from the training ground.

The new app it’s packed with several new features, including a Calendar, Pre and post-training questionnaires, Video Gallery and Smart notifications. Below, we break down some of the major additions released with the new update.



From the Iterpro platform, coaches can share videos with their players directly on their mobile devices. This allows the coaching staff to carry out video match analysis and prepare the next games, delivering personalized tactical video clips to their players.

Videos are grouped into playlists, one playlist for each game, played or scheduled in the calendar. Within each playlist coaches and players can analyze their own games or opponents and consequently to study the best tactical strategy, leave comments, and technical insights.



Those days of chasing players to complete and return questionnaires are over. With Iterpro Player App, players can fill their subjective questionnaires on their phones in a simple and easy way.

Questionnaires are collected Pre-training to assess players’ Wellness and Post-Training to assess the Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE) of a session. Coaches can also set the time at which players will receive a reminder to make sure they complete the Wellness Questionnaire on their app.


With a new interactive look and feel, players are constantly up to date with their calendar, it shows all the events they are involved such as training sessions, games, travels, therapies, and many more.

Members of the staff create events on the Iterpro platform, therefore each participant player will see the event in real-time on his smartphone. Each type of event has a specific layout, e.g if the event is a training session it is also possible to view display details such as drills videos and descriptions, and after training enter the RPE directly from this section.


For each of the topics described above, the App provides players with smart notification about events, video uploading, comments, surveys. Moreover, players through the notification settings can decide which type of notification they want to receive on their smartphone, making it easy to stay on top of their daily activities.