Iterpro signs a partnership agreement with ITASCS

26th July 2023

Iterpro and ITASCS, the Italian Strength & Conditioning Society, signed a partnership agreement to form the future of S&C by providing know-how in the world of sport-tech and professional development through “Iterpro Sports Intelligence” platform and ITASCS education programmes. For this reason, the UK-based company will support ITASCS in delivering courses and will provide access to the platform to ITASCS’ lecturers and students, in order to offer insights into the best practices of sports teams management and enhance data collection to deliver scientific research projects. The Italian-based company, instead, will deliver special S&C lectures during Iterpro events to update coaches on the new frontiers of S&C. 

Iterpro Football Intelligence is an all-in-one data management platform that connects people, centralises data from every football club’s department, turns them into actionable insights, and supports users in making better decisions faster, from the pitch to the board.

The Italian Strength & Conditioning Society is the Private School of High Performance Sports Excellence in Italy. It provides specialized learning for physical and athletic training technicians. ITASCS is the collaboration of a team of specialists, selected professionals, and university professors, specialized in the fields of strength & conditioning, human performance, and sport science who have decided to put their professional skills at the service of Italian S&C coaches.

The partnership between Iterpro and the Italian Strength & Conditioning Society, aims to consolidate the S&C network in Italy and the Mediterranean area providing ITASCS’ advanced knowledge in certificating the new generations of S&C coaches; and to provide coaches Iterpro’s tools and knowledge in data driven approach to succeed in their future careers. The sport-tech company will also provide placement opportunities to ITASCS’ students helping them progress in their career inside professional sports.