La Valletta, Malta / London, UK – May 12, 2020.

The Malta Football Association has signed a partnership agreement with Iterpro, one of the most advanced football intelligence platforms in the industry.

As part of the multi-year agreement which sees Iterpro recognized as the Official Technical Supplier of the Malta FA, the London-based company will provide the Association with software and consultancy solutions, including seconding staff, in order to lead the digital transformation of the Malta FA and to develop a sustainable long-term world-class technical strategy.

The principal aim is to adopt a systematic scientific approach to sporting performance issues, in the process of creating a cutting-edge service to assist the coaching staff in co-ordinating all the national teams’ activities and enhance the decision-making process.

“This partnership means we’re in a stronger position to grow as a football system,” said Dr. Angelo Chetcuti, the General Secretary of the Malta Football Association. “By digitalizing our internal processes, we are embracing the future of football. We will start a long-term process to optimize our resources, allowing us to move faster with a focus on applied innovation in pursuit of sustained improvement.”

Devis Mangia, the Head Coach of the National Teams within the Malta FA added: “Digital transformation is a must to improve the game nowadays and I’m very pleased that the Malta FA will be relying on this revolutionary technology platform to develop the overall level of football in the country, with a specific focus on player profiling and talent identification. The use of the Iterpro system will enable us to convert data into smart insights, thus simplifying the internal stakeholder engagement and improving the sports performance of the players of our national teams.”

Marco Savino, the Chief Executive Officer of Iterpro, expressed his satisfaction at this partnership agreement with the Malta FA.

“We are extremely proud to support the ambitious project of the MFA”, Savino said. “Innovation doesn’t happen in a vacuum. It requires a favorable environment with people who are willing to accept change. This is why the Malta FA represents for us the perfect setting to keep our solutions innovative in order to remain a step ahead. This partnership shows that we can bring added value with our cutting-edge technology, supporting national associations and helping to accelerate their growth.”

About Iterpro

Sports science and digital innovation combined to provide the football industry stakeholders with the ultimate digital One Solution. A digital hub that provides cross services and fulfills needs for the entire football industry ecosystem.

Iterpro Football Intelligence is a revolutionary football team management platform that integrates data from every football club’s department, turns them into actionable insights and makes it available in a simple manner Iterpro is the first business intelligence solution football-specific that supports professional football clubs in making better decision faster and helps them to achieve a competitive edge.


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