Unveiling the future of Sports Coaching – step into a new era with Iterpro Coach App

Access to pertinent information at any time is essential in a fast-paced environment like the sports industry, as is communication between coaching staff and players.

Iterpro makes a ground-breaking addition to their system, launching a new revolutionary app that will give sports coaches access to real-time data on all aspects of their players’ technical and physical performance.  The brand new Iterpro Coach App makes it easier for club staff to interact with players and deliver important information at their fingertips. The new app is jam-packed with new features, such as a calendar, video gallery, and player profiles with all of their important information. We list some of the most significant updates that came with the new update below.


Thanks to this revolutionary Coach App, staff members can finally bring their players’ profiles in their pocket, accessing all relevant information including their performance data, game stats, wellbeing, health status, technical and physical assessments. In this way, they can save plenty of time instead of consulting their excel files or documents stored in some messy database.


With a new interactive look and feel, coaches can keep track of all the team events they are involved in and not, including practices, games, trips, therapies, and many more. Staff members can create and manage events using Iterpro, which instantly notifies attendees on their smartphones, keeps everyone informed, and keeps all the information secure in a single location. Each type of event has its own layout, so if it’s a training session, you can also view displayed information like drill videos and descriptions and the attendees.


Coaches can share videos with their players immediately on their mobile devices using the Iterpro platform. This enables the coaching staff to do video match analysis and prepare for future games by giving personalised tactical video clips to their players and allowing them to access them directly from their phones. Coaches and players can easily access relevant videos using customized playlists linked to any game, training, or team activity. Within each playlist, coaches and players can analyse their games or those of their opponents to determine the optimal tactical strategy, offer comments, and gain technical insights.


The messaging tool will improve the communication across the entire organization by making this process faster, reliable and more efficient than using any external tools. Therefore, Iterpro users don’t need to switch between emails, phone calls and messaging tools like Whatsapp or Telegram, but they can keep all their communications in one place.


Players can receive intelligent notifications from the app about events, video uploads, comments, and surveys related to each of the aforementioned subjects. It is also straightforward for users to stay on top of their daily activities thanks to the notification settings on their smartphone, which allow them to choose which notifications they want to receive.