About us

ITERPRO is the first business intelligence solution football specific that supports professional football clubs in making better decisions faster, helping them to achieve a competitive edge. As result of years of expertise in sport science, technology development and research, Iterpro combines football know-how and software engineering in a unique web-based software, from both design and functionality point of view and aims to provide indeed the most effective and comprehensive club management solution in the football industry.

Iterpro is a fast-growing company which has already secured important deals with well renowned football clubs and partnerships with industry big players, generating business traction and brand awareness. The seeds are rooted and the company is now aiming for an international scale.

Based in the UK, Iterpro Group International Limited is composed of passionate, self-driven, and pro-active professionals lead in a horizontal organizational structure, where smart working, teamwork, transparency, collaboration and results are the most relevant values. At the moment Iterpro is looking for recruiting smart and talented professionals that will add value to the business and work in a high-standard sport élite environment. In such a top priority Itepro is going to respond just to really motivated, capable and aware applicants. Iterpro Football Intelligence is providing a 360° solution for club management that covers a very wide range of topics related to football management such as player performance analysis, technical profiling, medical procedures and statistics, administration, transfer market, legal contract management and club financials. For this reason working at Iterpro represents a very rich experience where you will achieve a wide knowledge about management, technology and its application in the football industry. Being a part of the team will represent actively participating in a revolution in the critical decision-making process in the football industry worldwide.

We are looking for passionate professionals to provide a great customer experience

The key purpose of this role is to provide training, education and on-going support to a select customer base with solutions. The successful candidate will assist with the R&D of our software UX and communicate with our software engineers. The position will require both remote and on-site customer visits to teams and organizations to facilitate the best practice use of our technology. You will also work closely with our sales and business development managers, partners and professionals throughout our network to provide product demonstrations and supporting sales and new business opportunities with football federations leagues and clubs. 

What you’ll be doing

  • Account management and monitoring of our client base
  • Managing customer enquiries, execute first layer screening, bug reporting and communication with IT team
  • Maintenance and improvement of customer support process such as updating customer guide and tutorial
  • Perform product demonstrations and company presentation
  • Product delivery, account setup and educate customers on best practice utilizing
  • Provide evidence based, scientific materials for marketing, internal and external purpose
  • Competitors and football innovation technology landscape monitoring
  • Software testing, reporting and test data management
  • R&D, third parties’ integrations and UX improvements based on clients feedback


  • English language (full professional proficiency)
  • Based in Italy
  • Proficient with computers, Microsoft office, basic IT knowledge
  • Solid communication skills to build new relationships, improve already existing relationships, communicating findings to the club’s staff members
  • Remote and smart working ability
  • Communicate effectively with software and hardware engineers
  • Experience with performance monitoring tools such as tracking technologies, video analysis applications, activity trackers and biometrical data
  • Account management experience 

Important! Only CV’s in English language will be considered.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Exercise and Sport Science 
  • Postgraduate degree (Masters)
  • Proficient in statistical analysis of large data sets
  • 2+ years working in the elite sporting environment (football desired)

Why you will like to work at Iterpro

  • INNOVATION & EDUCATION. Iterpro challenges to grow and experiment with the latest technologies. Company’s members always maintain a growth mindset and invest deeply in employee development. Conference and workshop attendance are part of the formation process together with career coaching done by professionals.
  • FLEXIBILITY. Work distribution can also be arranged based on your personal needs. Freelance contracts are minimum 1 years, and renewable with negotiation on end. Other than that, Iterpro offers 100% smart working.
  • FUN. Working with Iterpro will give the chance to support famous and international football clubs and organizations; all the excitement linked to this fantastic industry will surely give the drive in a full daily life.
  • BENEFITS. If needed, we will provide you with a company laptop to put yourself in the best conditions to do your job and perform your tasks.
  • BONUS. We offer a very competitive compensation plan, so you will be rewarded for the results achieved.