About us

ITERPRO is the first business intelligence solution football specific that supports professional football clubs in making better decision faster, helping them to achieve a competitive edge. As result of years of expertise in coaching, technology development and research, Sport Scientists and IT experts are actively working on ITERPRO software and support, in order to pursuit the excellence and provide indeed the most effective and comprehensive product on the market. 

Because of this unicity, from both design and functionality point of view, ITERPRO has already closed important adeals with well renowned football clubs, and securing partnerships with industry big players, generating a business traction and brand awareness. The seeds are rooted and the company is now aiming for an international scaling.

Based in the UK, ITERPRO Group International Limited is composed by passionate, self-driven, and efficient professionals organized with an horizontal approach, where transparency, collaboration and results are the most relevant values. At the moment ITERPRO has started a recruitment process to hire smart and talented figures to develop the core business. In such a top priority ITERPRO is going to respond just to really motivated, capable and aware applicants. Being a part of the team will represent actively participating to a change in the critical decision-making process in the football industry worldwide. 


What you’ll be doing

Iterpro Group International are offering voluntary placement opportunities for Marketing students to work alongside our team. You will gain valuable experience in the sport analytics industry working for a company that is supporting elite football clubs at various levels of management.

The intern should be prepared to work in a fast-paced team environment and will finish the internship having gained broad experience in various aspects of marketing and digital tools. The internship will provide the candidate with the opportunity to learn, participate, assisting and lead with the following duties:

  • Creating, editing, publishing and sharing engaging content (e.g. press releases, text posts, photos, images, videos, podcasts, and news) on Iterpro official channels.
  • Promoting products, services, and content over Iterpro marketing channels, in a way that is consistent with an organization’s brand ID and social media strategy
  • Participating in planning, design and publishing of marketing strategies to increase brand awareness, client’s engagement, lead generation.
  • Designing & developing marketing campaigns and communications through Iterpro official channels.
  • Management, monitoring and reporting analytics of digital marketing activities (e.g social media, website, mail campaigns).
  • Management of client marketing parties to develop joint communications and marketing agreements.
  • Off-line marketing operation support with outsource service providers (e.g. video-makers, branded material providers, web & graphic designers, digital magazines & journals, events).
  • Any other activity required by ITERPRO in relation to the object of this agreement and agreed from time to time by the Parties.


  • Remote


  • Native or Bilingual proficiency (English)
  • Digital Marketing experience
  • Writing skills and creativity
  • Ability to multitask, to work on a number of projects at once, problem-solving skills

Desirable Skills

  • Knowledge & passion for the football industry
  • Commercial awareness, Good teamwork, strong communication skills, and networking ability
  • Podcasting experience
  • Strong attention to detail, good organization and planning skills
  • Graphic design, photos, video-editing experience


Why you will like to work at Iterpro

  • INNOVATION & EDUCATION. Iterpro challenges to grow and experiment with latest technologies. Company’s members always maintain a growth mindset and invest deeply in employee development and RD. Conference and workshop attendance are part of the formation process together with career coaching done by professionals.
  • FLEXIBILITY. Work distribution can also be arranged based on your personal needs. Freelance contracts are minimum 1 years, and renewable with negotiation on end. Other than that, ITERPRO offers 100% remote work with no exceptions.
  • FUN. Working with ITERPRO will give the chance to support famous and international football clubs and organizations; all the excitement linked to this fantastic game will surely give the drive in a full daily life.