FC Dordrecht Case Study with Kenny Basteleus

Dordrecht, Netherlands – London, UK – 21st June 2023

What is your position inside the club? What are your key responsibilities?

My position within FC Dordrecht is video analyst for the first team. My key responsibilities are filming the daily practice, giving the staff all the videos that they want about our games, opponent’s games, also analysing our next opponent, organizing and preparing the meetings. I am also available for individual players if they need footage from themselves or their next opponents.

In professional football there is a tendency towards the usage of digital systems that support decisions with objective data. What has changed from the past in your area of knowledge?

In my field, having all the videos, including practices and games, uploaded on a single platform makes everything much more convenient. This platform is incredibly user-friendly, making it effortless to open and search for specific videos. It eliminates the need to rely on separate online storage or various programs, streamlining the process significantly. Additionally, the ability to link the correct videos with the correct day adds to the efficiency, making it an exceptionally effective way of working.

How important and what are the main advantages in centralising, analysing and conserving information in a unique platform instead of single technologies?

Centralizing, analysing, and conserving information in a unique platform offers the advantages of improved accessibility, enhanced analysis capabilities, streamlined collaboration, and strengthened data security. These benefits ultimately contribute to better decision-making, increased operational efficiency, and improved organizational performance.

Athletes represent the club’s greatest asset. How do you utilise the information to manage the wellbeing of the team and reduce injury risks?

By effectively utilizing information, clubs can proactively manage the wellbeing of their athletes and reduce injury risks. Monitoring, individualization, injury prevention strategies, rehabilitation plans, communication, and education all play significant roles in optimizing athlete performance and safeguarding their health.

Communication and sharing information are crucial in daily work. Has the fact of using an intelligence system improved the communication processes between staff members and/or players and staff?

Communicating with players becomes effortless through this method due to the notification system that alerts them whenever new uploads are available. Additionally, both players and staff can conveniently access the calendar at their convenience, regardless of time and location.

What’s the impact of technology on the performance of the players on the pitch?

By allowing players to input their Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE) and measure their overall wellbeing, it becomes simpler for the staff to adjust training levels accordingly, effectively reducing the risk of injuries. Additionally, players have the opportunity to review their practices and games, which leads to improved performance as they can identify areas for growth and make necessary improvements.

How has technology impacted your daily work?

Working on a single platform enhances efficiency in a significant way. The integration of technology further facilitates this process, particularly when combining video footage with the concepts that the coaching staff intends to convey to the players. This seamless integration streamlines the communication process, making it more effective and efficient overall.

Kenny Basteleus, Video Analyst at FC Dordrecht