Behind the scenes at Universitatea Craiova


We visited Universitatea Craiova staff that shared with us their integrated methodology of work and explained how Iterpro has helped them improve the standard of [...]

Behind the scenes at Universitatea Craiova2019-10-10T11:02:50+00:00

Backstage at AC Milan


Iterpro visited Vismara training ground to meet Dott. Alberto Calicchio, Head of Medical. We talk about how implementing Iterpro Football Intelligence, AC Milan enhanced communication, information [...]

Backstage at AC Milan2019-09-10T09:28:38+00:00

Behind the Scenes at AC Monza


Iterpro visited AC Monza Head Quarter to talk with Simon Barije, Performance Manager, about Iterpro Football Intelligence and how important is to use our platform to [...]

Behind the Scenes at AC Monza2019-07-31T15:57:01+00:00


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