Football Science Institute and Iterpro announce a new partnership

11th May 2023

Iterpro and Football Science Institute signed a partnership agreement to promote a high-performance environment across their community through evidence-based best practices and top-notch technology. As part of the deal, the UK-based sport-tech company will provide its “Iterpro Football Intelligence” platform to FSI’s students and lecturers, in order to offer insights into every facet of football teams management and enhance data collection to deliver scientific research projects.

Iterpro Football Intelligence is an all-in-one data management platform that connects people, centralises data from every football club’s department, turns them into actionable insights, and supports users in making better decisions faster, from the pitch to the board.

FSI is a private football science and training school, founded to promote the role of science, technique, and technology in improving the game and to train the soccer professionals of tomorrow. FSI strongly supports the value of Football Sports Science and the professionals trained in it and recognizes it as a key player in the sporting and business development of modern football.

The partnership between Iterpro and Football Science Institute brings together two organisations that are committed to using evidence-based sports science best practices, technology and an informed-driven approach to improve the game and all the processes behind the curtains. By providing its system to FSI’s students and lecturers, Iterpro will help to train the next generation of football professionals to use data-driven insights in their decision-making processes.

Marco Savino, CEO and founder of Iterpro: “FSI is a perfect partner for Iterpro, being a dynamic organization made of expert football practitioners and scientists, and we share the same passion and vision in striving for excellence in the application of the best technique to manage the players’ performance both on and off the pitch. I believe that through our partnership and a systematic data-informed approach, we can have an impact on the football industry’s next generations.”

Bernardo Requena, FSI Co-founder: “I am very proud of the agreement made with Iterpro, they have a first class technology that will give a leap of quality to the daily work of our students and professionals. It is an excellent tool for management and data collection as well as for fostering collaboration between the different departments of a club. The agreement also gives us a great opportunity to continue to grow in the field of research.”