FC Madras becomes the first Indian club to join Iterpro Football Intelligence

Chennai, India – London, UK – 13th September 2023

FC Madras, a progressive new age football club will use Iterpro’s services to manage their successful youth academy by creating a digital ecosystem that supports the staff’s decision-making in the technical, tactical and medical matters of the club. 

Iterpro will supply its platform of Intelligence to FC Madras, which will catalyze the creation of a digital ecosystem that arms stakeholders with data-driven insights, fostering informed decision-making. The accessibility of this platform across various tiers within the club—ranging from players to coaches and leadership—enables the seamless integration of vital communication channels across departments and teams. 

A primary objective of this partnership is to propel FC Madras to the zenith of its capabilities, positioning it as a pioneering football club in India. FC Madras intends to spearhead the adoption of technology not just within its own operations but also to set a precedent for other sports organizations across India and Asia, championing the embrace of sports science and technology. 

CKM Dhananjai, Managing Partner of FC Madras: “Through our partnership with Iterpro, we’re taking meaningful steps to enhance our Academy’s trajectory in being a smart football academy. This collaboration allows us to blend tradition and technology, creating an environment where data-driven insights and modern tools contribute to the development and productivity of our players and staff alike.” 

As a premier academy in India, it is incumbent upon us to elevate the application of pioneering sports tech products and best practices from grassroots to elite football. Our aim is to cultivate the next generation of football champions for India by embracing innovation at every level.

Abhishek Yadav , CEO of FC Madras: “FC Madras is excited to partner with Iterpro, to help us in our journey of developing a digital ecosystem for the club, allowing stakeholders to make informed and data driven decisions. Accessibility of the platform at all levels, from players to coaches and club leadership allows for seamless integration of important communication channels across all our teams and departments.

Marco Savino, CEO and founder of Iterpro: “We are extremely happy to sign this partnership and support FC Madras in the development of its ambitious project at national level. FC Madras is the first club in India and in the entire Asian region to implement our Intelligence platform, so this partnership represents our first step into the Asian Market”