FC Vaduz extends its partnership with Iterpro’s Football Intelligence solution

Vaduz, Liechtenstein – London, UK – 3rd June 2024

FC Vaduz has renewed its partnership with Iterpro, the leading sports intelligence solution in the industry. This strategic collaboration is set to establish the comprehensive digital ecosystem within FC Vaduz, enabling staff to manage all aspects of player development through a single, integrated platform.

The UK-based sport-tech company will continue to provide FC Vaduz with its cutting-edge Football Intelligence solution, assisting in various facets of player management, including technical and tactical preparation, team scheduling, training planning and performance analysis.

This partnership renewal it’s a testament to the growing role of data and technology in modern football. FC Vaduz, along with the broader Liechtenstein football movement, is committed to staying at the forefront of these advancements. By integrating Iterpro’s innovative solutions, FC Vaduz is dedicated to achieving excellence both on and off the pitch through data-driven decision-making.

About Iterpro

Iterpro Sports Intelligence is an all-in-one sports data management platform that connects organization members, centralises technologies and data from every department and turns them into actionable insights to support clubs in making better decisions faster, from the pitch to the board. Iterpro helps sports organizations to build a bespoke digital framework that streamlines communication and workflow across several clubs’ areas, and brings the club’s strategic information right at the fingertips of their decision makers so they can be always in control.